Festival Info


The Copenhagen Beer Celebration takes place at:

Sparta Hallen
Gunnar Nu Hansens Plads 11
DK2100 København Ø


Yellow Session:
Friday May 3rd 15:00-20:00
Red Session:
Saturday May 4th 11:30-16:30
Red Session:
Saturday May 4th 18:00-23:00


A long with sampling beers, the guests will be able to buy food from our 4 food vendors, representing a wide range of “street food” made for beer freaks. We also have 4 food, wine, coffee and spirit manufacturers at CBC. They have all worked with Mikkeller to broaden the world of brewing into those fields of eating and drinking pleasures.

Water facilities and wardrobe

A long the venue is placed water tanks, for rinsing your glasses. You can drink the water, but we can´t guarantee any possible health issues from these tanks. It is possible to buy bottled water at the merchandise shop.

We have improved toilets facilities and, as a new feature, a wardrobe. The wardrobe is driven by Copenhagen Roller Derby and not included in the entrance; all income from the wardrobe will go exclusively to the sporting activities of Copenhagen Roller Derby.

Help us bring you better beer

And when this is over, do not hesitate to let us know what kind of experience you had. We are small, and this is still new to us, but we want to make that extra effort to secure guests and brewers a focal point in the beer scene. CBC aim to be THE place you want to attend, if you seek the newest, the most experimental and the most kick ass brews out there. Your feedback will help us do that. Please write us at info@copenhagenbeercelebration.com.