Smoking Scotsman
Amager Bryghus

Wee Heavy, Scotch or Scottish Ale – to be honest we don’t really care. We wanted to take the best of British brewing traditions and add a subtle edge of peaty smoke for that special Islay feeling. Many people have asked us if we took that feeling so far that we actually DID wear kilts during the brewing of this beer. Well, we honestly believe that not all questions necessarily need an answer. But yes, photos DO exist. And no, they shall never be revealed… If you firmly believe that all British-style ales are low in alcohol and low in carbonation then Smoking Scotsman will prove you wrong. This is a beer to be savoured in small sips in front of a roaring fire back home at the manor – preferably with a big plate of haggis. Sláinte! – or whatever.

Scotch Ale10.2